Summary of SLT Services.

Telephone consultation (free)
I offer a free telephone consultation, which allows you to discuss your needs with no obligation to use my services.

Telephone consultations usually last around half an hour and can occur outside of typical working hours upon request. Contact details available here.

Initial assessment session with written summary report (£120) or full report (£170)

Initial assessments last up to 90 minutes, and the format can be flexible to suit the client’s needs. 

These sessions include formal and informal assessment, a case history and discussion with the client’s supporters (such as parents or staff) as appropriate. 

After the assessment session, I produce your written summary or full report, which can be shared with schools, respite services or other organisations as you see fit.

Therapy session (£70)

Therapy sessions last up to an hour and typically include work with the client and discussion with his/her supporters.

Guidance and activities will be provided to enable clients (and supporters) to practise their skills between therapy sessions.

Summary report (£70) or full report (£100)

Reports can be written during therapy programmes, upon request.

It is advisable for clients to request a report when they cease therapy sessions and/or transition to a new therapist.

Contact with other professionals  (£70 per hour pro rata)

At you request, I can liaise with other professionals through formal correspondence and meetings. 

Costs are calculated to the nearest 15 minutes.

Maintaining and developing Augmentative and Alternative Communication (AAC) resources (£35 per hour pro rata)

Support relating to the maintenance and development of Augmentative and Alternative Communication (AAC) resources may include: 

  • Designing and producing accessible information for individuals or organisations.
  • Designing and producing Social Stories for individuals or organisations.
  • Maintaining and developing an AAC user’s pre-existing communication book.
  • Programming an AAC user’s pre-existing Voice Output Communication Aid (VOCA).
  • Developing new AAC resources for a client after their initial assessment.
  • Other services as necessary. Please contact me to discuss your needs.

Costs are calculated to the nearest 15 minutes.

AAC chat session (£35 per hour pro rata)

Informal conversation sessions for Augmentative and Alternative Communication (AAC) aid users. Perfect for people who want a safe and supportive environment to:

  • Increase confidence and independence with their communication tools.
  • Practise navigating around their devices.
  • Practise specific vocabulary, such as adjectives, phrases for conversation repair, or work-place vocabulary.
  • Practice language for specific situations, such as ordering in a restaurant, collecting prescriptions, or giving a presentation.

Sessions are usually an hour, but can be longer or shorter to suit the client’s needs. Sessions are usually on a one-to-one basis – please contact me if you wish to discuss a group booking.


I can provide tailored training for education settings, care staff, families, and other supporters. Please contact me to discuss your individual needs.

Details of upcoming Signalong training can be found here.

Services for education and care providers

Please contact me to discuss your individual needs.

Service charges are subject to review and potential increase from 1st April each year.