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Previous editions:

January 2022
Starting the new year with signing, shared reading and artistic expression!

December 2021

This month includes signing, symbols, and insights from AAC users!

November 2021

With resources about signing, rhyming, AAC in exams, and videofluoroscopies!

October 2021

October spotlights signing, stammering, language and mental health!

September 2021

This month looks at key-word signing, healthcare communication and Morse!

August 2021

This month celebrates skills for all seasons, So let’s move, sign, cook up a storm, and then have a haircut! 

July 2021
Let's joke, chat and make connections!

June 2021
With multisensory stories, awareness days and key-word signing!

May 2021
Looking at accessible and light-hearted language!

April 2021
Celebrating signs and symbols, and vocal about voice care!

March 2021
Full of connecting, chatting and key communication skills! 

February 2021
Welcome to the first edition of Signpost!
February promises freebies, stories, courses and kindness.